The trailer plug is easy open and repair. It has IP67 Protection Level.
Standard Us Trailer Plug, 7 Pin, it can match with US and Canada Trucks very well.
7 Cores GXL Wire, 12AWGX3 Cores(White/Blue/Black) + 14AWGx4C(Green/Red/Brown/Yellow) Wires with Jacket. Anti-oil, acid, alkali and sunshine.

  • Size: 6FT, 8FT 16FT
  • Wire Type: GXL 7 Cores
  • Wire Size: 12AWGx3+14AWGx4
  • Wire Conductor: Stranded, Copper
  • Connector: US Standard Trailer Plug
  • Standard: PPAP Level 4
  • Input: 12V 24V 48V 60V 110V
  • Parts: Trailer Plugs
  • Max Payload: 20T