Coaxial Connector

What Is Coaxial Connector

About the coaxial connector, a lot of people also call it as RF connector or radio frequency connector. But there is something different between RF connector and coaxial connector. The RF connector was classified by the way of the frequency of use. But the coaxial connector was class by the structure of the connector. So they are completely different in the definition. Some connectors do not belong to the type of coaxial connector. But maybe it can be used in the field for radiofrequency. And it also can apply in the low-frequency part. For example, the common audio earphone connector and its frequency is less than 3MHZ. At the point of traditional, the radio frequency means the range of MHZ. It usually is used in the microwave part right now.

And it is used to transmit radio frequency signals. Its transmission frequency range is very wide, reach to 18GHz or higher. It is mainly used for radar, communication, data transmission and aviation equipment. And it is composed of an inner conductor and an outer conductor. The mission of inner conductor is connecting the signal wire. And the outer conductor is an earth wire for signal wire and also have a great for screening the electromagnetic field. This charact makes the coaxial connector has great advantage on space and structure. And you will find the truth that inner conductor surface and outer conductor surface all basically are cylinder shapes.

It has outstanding properties, such as the sample structure, high utilization ratio of space, great transmission performance. So it was widely applied in the industry. And the demand for connecting coaxial cables highly rises, then the coaxial connector is come out.

Finally, we will talk about the coaxial connector types.

Coaxial Connector Types

There are lots of types for it, such as the SMA connector, SMB connector, BNC connector, TNC connector, SMC connector, BMA connector and more.

  1. SMA connector is a widely used coaxial connector type with a small screw connection. It has a long working life and high reliability. It is widely used in microwave equipment and digital communication equipment.
  2. SMB connector is a small push-in locking type RF coaxial connector. The characteristics of it are mini, lightweight, easy to use and excellent electrical performance. It is suitable for high-frequency circuits of radio equipment and electronic instruments for connecting coaxial cables.
  3. BNC connector is a bayonet-type RF coaxial connector. The fast connection and connecting reliable and more are characteristics. It is widely applied in the field of radio equipment and electronic instruments.
  4. TNC connector belongs to the screw connector and RF coaxial connector. It has the characteristics of great working frequency bandwidth, connectivity and seismic performance. It is used for connecting radio frequency cables in radio equipment and instruments. And is especially good for mobile communication device with vibration conditions.
  5. SMC connector is a small screw-type RF coaxial connector, which has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, good shock resistance, high reliability and more. It is applied to connect RF coaxial cables in radio equipment and instruments.