About Wiring Harness

Wiring harness is one of the products with the highest demand and easy to install in the information age right now. You can see it everywhere. Such as household appliances, communication apparatus, computer and more. And there several types for it, they are automobile wire harness, medical wire harness, industrial wire harness, robot wire harness, bank device wire harness, security system wire harness and more.

Automobile Wire Harness

The automobile wire harness is the main part of the automobile circuit. The annual products of it have some characteristics of resists heat, oil resistance and more. And it has great flexibleness, which makes it connect more easily in inside. It can be used in high temperature and mechanical strength condition.

By the way, as the development of technology, the automobile not just a car anymore. You can do something special in it, such as handle official business, entertainment or whatever. So many functions in it. So you can imagine how high requirements for car wiring harness to make those great functions. And it has a strict requirement for wire harness in the part of electric property and quantity. The quality must be in line with the zero-fault requirement of TS16949 and make sure it can work well in ten years. As the development of new energy automobiles, its demand is raised rapidity in recent years. And its requirements for suppliers are manufacturers who must be able to provide complete sets of cable design and development solutions, so if new entrepreneurs preparing to enter this industry must understand the thresholds and requirements for automotive wiring harnesses.

Medical Wire Harness

As we all know, the medical wire harness is used in medical facilities. Its cable harness must be high quality and been through the certificate of the stand of UL, VDE, CCC, JIS and more.

The research report of BCC Research pointed out that the annual growth rate of the global household medical device market continues to increase, and medical electronics will become a new growth point for connector applications.

Industrial Wire Harness

It mainly refers to some electronic wires, multi-core wires, and ribbon cables with components in the cabinet, which are mostly used in industrial UPS, PLC, CP, inverter, monitoring, air conditioning, wind energy and other cabinets. It is one of the wiring harness categories with most employees, there are many subdivision products. The requirements for certificate and size are small. But the supplier must truly understand this industry.

Robot Wire Harness

The requirements and properties of the robot wire harness will be different, according to where they are in the robot. The robot wire and cable harness are generally divided into signal circuit cable and power circuit cable. The common attribute that most robotics wire and cables must have is continuous flexibility. Another key required attribute is durability. The tension and mechanical stress that cables must endure in the robotics industry must be considered when choosing a wire or cable product.

Bank Device Wire Harness

It is usually used in the bank device, such as the window intercom, LED Displayer, ATM, CRS and more. But as internet development, the demand for part of the bank device gets down.

Security System Wire Harness

The types of security system wire harness are huge. For example burglar alarm, network engineering, smart home and etc. As the coming of 5G, the products will get huge updating. So the demand for products will get raise rapidly. And the development of wire harness must be in line to satisfy the needs of technology and demand.